Fancy! as seen from the outside.

Fancy! is a presumably French restaurant in the series, Spongebob Squarepants. It was first mentioned in Gary Takes a Bath, when Spongebob calls the restaurant, telling them that he had a naughty snail who won't take a bath, only to angrily hang up after finding the employee on the phone spoke French. It makes its first official appearance in Krusty Love, when Mr. Krabs takes Mrs. Puff there on a date. He destroys the restaurant after finding out his bill total 100,000 dollars.

Spongebob and Patrick with their dates in Chocolate with Nuts.

It is repaired by the episode Chocolate with Nuts, when Spongebob and Patrick manage to sell enough chocolate bars to a crazed Tom Smith to reserve the entire restaurant for themselves and their "dates". It reappears in Le Big Switch where several things are revealed about it, including the kitchen, and several of the chefs.

Spongebob chops carrots as a chef at Fancy! during his short tenure there in Le Big Switch.

Spongebob is sent to Fancy! in the Chef Exchange Program, in which he introduces the Krabby Patty to the fancy diners, prompting them to love them, and eventually drags them to the Krusty Krab, which had went bankrupt very shortly after the beginning of the program, with over priced items, meager chairs, forks, and other cheap items. After a five season absence, Fancy! reappeared in Spongebob Longpants, where Spongebob and his sophisticated friends eat. It also appears in Married to Money, as Mr. Krabs takes what he believes is his girlfriend - actually Plankton - there to eat. 

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