Potty in Christmas Who?


Potty and Patchy in Friend or Foe.

Potty the Parrot is a live-action puppet in the hit T.V. series Spongebob Squarepants. He is Patchy the Pirate's pet and oftentimes his rival. He, like Patchy has appeared in ten episodes, usually during live-action segments. Potty eats Patchy's cookie dough in Christmas Who?, and later attempts to kiss him under the mistletoe. He would shoot Patchy out of a cannon in the regular segments of Shanghaied, before accidentally blowing them both up after attempting a stunt. He reappears in Party Pooper Pants, having the Birdbrains upstage Patchy's house party with a loud musical number. In Ugh, Potty argues that the future is better than the past, and has a giant robot prove his point with another loud musical number. In The Sponge Who Could Fly, Potty watches the lost episode with Patchy, before scolding him because he could not find the rewind button on the remote control. Potty would reappear in Friend or Foe, where he would briefly become assistant manager before being fired after Patchy begins a food fight. Potty has a much smaller role in both Atlantis Squarepants and Truth or Square, only appearing briefly in both episodes. Potty would be animated for his role in It's a Spongebob Christmas, in which he accompanied Patchy in his quest to find Santa Claus. He was voiced by creator Stephen Hillenburg in the first three seasons, and has been voiced by current show runner Paul Tibbitt since Friend or Foe.


  • Potty's pose.
  • Animated Potty in It's a Spongebob Christmas.
  • The show's logo.
SpongeBob Betrayed Us?!

SpongeBob Betrayed Us?!

Potty watches as Patchy goes crazy after the Walk Cycle in The Sponge Who Could Fly before informing him about the remainder of the episode.