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Reef Blower
Reef Blower
is the second episode and thus the succeeder to Help Wanted. In this episode, Spongebob walks out into his yard to find a clam shell. He gets his reef blower and blows the shell away, but it leaves a large pile of sand. He gets the sand out of his yard, but it hits Squidward who is enjoying a salad that's ruined by the pile. Spongebob attempts to blow into his reef blower, but leaves a large pile in his yard. He puts the pile in the blower, but it coughs it out, so he extends it to blow it back in. He does that, but also drains all the water in the sea as well. Finally, Spongebob sucks the water out of the blower, thus leaving his yard clean, but Squidward's dirty.


  • This episode features no dialogue between the characters, but Spongebob does says "You.", but the caption at the bottom is the only thing that tells the watchers that he says it.
  • This is the first appearance of the reef blower. It would appear in several episodes as time goes on.
  • 1st time Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Gary don't appear.
  • This is a short episode about 2 mins and 45 seconds thus the next episode Tea at the Tree Dome is short as well because they are sister episodes.
  • 2nd appearance of Spongebob and Squidward.
  • This episode has yet to be released on DVD because of it's shortness.

Characters PresentEdit


  • SpongeBob: "You!"

Air DateEdit

May 1st, 1999


Help Wanted


Tea at the Tree Dome