Rocky crossing the finish line to win!

Rocky was a rock that raced as #8 in The Great Snail Race. Because of Gary's crashing horrifically and Snellie turning around to comfort him, Rocky was able pass both of them somehow and win the race. Rocky raced for Patrick, who wasn't nearly as competitive as Spongebob and Squidward about the race and was much more supportive of the humble rock. Despite winning the race, Patrick gave the trophy to Squidward, who was shocked that the trophy was made out to Squidward Tortellini. Not much more is known about it other than the fact that it appeared to be a plain, brown rock. 


  • It is unknown how Rocky was able to move, being an inanimate object.
  • Rocky appears to be a smaller version of Patrick's House.
  • Rocky may have appeared in several different forms in later episodes.

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