The tree dome's normal outside look.


The tree dome in the winter.


The tree dome in the fall.

Sandy's house is the residence of Sandy Cheeks. Because Sandy is an air-breather, it is an dry tree dome. Since it has no water, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, and other sea creatures must use a water helmet to breath inside the tree dome. Sandy keeps her many pets inside the tree dome, including Wormy. It also features a prominent tree, in which Sandy sleeps. In many episodes, a run wheel and a picnic table are shown inside the tree dome as well. It is made of strong polyurethane plastic according to Sandy, but in some episodes its shown to be breakable as though it is made of glass. Some of these episodes include: Bubble Troubles, when one of Spongebob's bubbles destroys it; The Best Day Ever, when it is shown to have a large crack; and Whelk Attack, when it is completely wrecked by ravenous whelks. In Chimps Ahoy!, Sandy's bosses begin to question the economic advantage of underwater tree domes; so Sandy almost loses her privilege to live in Bikini Bottom, but her nutcracker turns out to be a great banana peeler and her bosses renew her contract for another 10 years. Its address is 126 Conch Street.