The VHS's front cover.

Sea Stories (VHS) is the fourth VHS release for the hit series, Spongebob Squarepants. It contains the first half of the episodes from the Sea Stories (DVD). The video contains two segments from Season One and three segments from season two. It features the following episodes: Shanghaied, Gary Takes A Bath, Hooky, Life of Crime, and Pickles.


  • Gary Takes a Bath was released on this VHS well before it aired on TV in July of 2003.
  • Unlike the DVD, Shanghaied is only available with one ending.
  • This is the series fourth VHS release.
  • Spongebob appears in all five segments.
  • Patrick appears in three of the segments.
  • Sandy doesn't appear in any of the segments but is mentioned in Life of Crime.
  • Squidward appears in three of the segments and is also mentioned in Life of Crime.
  • Eugene Krabs appears in four of the segments.
  • Gary appears in one one segments, but his voice is heard in Hooky, and he is mentioned in Life of Crime.
  • Plankton also doesn't appear in any of the segments.
  • Not to be confused with Sea Stories (DVD).

Release Date USEdit

November 5th, 2002


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Bikini Bottom Bash

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