The Reef from the outside.

The Reef is a movie theater in Bikini Bottom in the hit series Spongebob Squarepants. It has appeared six times of the coarse of the series, and has been seen in several video games as well. It debuted in F.U.N., when Spongebob and Plankton go to the movie theater only to be stopped by Mr. Krabs whom uncovers Plankton's plot to steal the formula.

The theater from the inside in Something Smells.

It reappears in Something Smells when Spongebob and Patrick run all of the people out of the theater because of their Peanut Onion Sunday breath ultimately destroying it. In Wigstruck, Spongebob and Sandy are ran out of the theater by an angry mob because of Spongebob's huge wig. While Spongebob was alone in Gone, he attempts to see a movie there, but is startled by a boat movie which nearly drives him crazy before everyone returns from National No Spongebob Day. Spongebob and Patrick watch a scary movie there several times in Don't Look Now, but can't get through it. The theater is like a normal theater with several different rooms for showing different movies, has a snack bar, and a bathroom.